Dive deeper into Iota, the Tangle, and Evolving Technology.

Iota / Fundamentals

What and Who is Iota?

To the left you will see links to:

IOTA_Whitepaper - the technical report describing Iota

The Tangle / What Does It Look Like?

Tangle Visualizers

http://iota.dance/live/ - Not Active Last I checked

Node / What is? and Setting One Up

Know the Node

Here is one resource on Node setup:


Video 1 - (None Yet)

The Seed / Login? Password? What Will It Grow?

Seed - Best Practices

A Seed consists of 81 characters including letters and the number nine.

Video 1 - How To: Wallet 2.5.6

Video 2 - (Advanced Topic) - Iota Seed Tutorial 3

Iota / A More Detailed Analysis

Iota - Really Getting To Know Iota

(Advanced Topics)

Video 1 - What Is Iota and Terminology Explained

Video 2 - Top 3 Crypto Scams (interesting method, good examples of scams presented)