Important:  The information gathered here is a resource to help the public understand a bit more about IOTA and Cryptocurrency in general.  Cryptocurrency is highly volatile trading concept and a great way to lose your hard-earned cash.  Don't be dumb.  Do your own research always.  We do not endorse any of these cryptocurrencies, video bloggers, or opinions.  We created this resource to save you the months of research it took to understand the topics addressed below.  Things move fast in cryptocurrency, what is new and valid yesterday, is often outdated by today.  Trust your gut when you think "it may be a scam," don't spend any money you cannot afford to lose, don't quit your day job, make a positive difference, and have fun.  We are not web designers, crypto experts, or even that smart.  This website is a resource to help others who share the same curiosities we do, please enjoy.

Start Here / An Overview of What Iota Is

What is Iota?

So as with most things in life, if you have access to the primary source it's usually good to start there.

Here is the Official Iota webpage: start there and then watch the videos to the left.   Once you have completed your introduction, move on down through more advanced topics including purchasing your first Iota and opening your first wallet.  Have fun and don't feel like you need to learn everything in a day.  We have done our best to keep all the videos to just a few minutes each.

Video 1 - Iota Explained

Video 2 - Iota By The Numbers

(Please note the Token Economy is evolving rapidly and many videos may only be months old but quote coin values or other variables that have changed significantly.)

Bitcoin is Important /How it All Started & How Iota is Different

What is Bitcoin?

Since the origin of Bitcion involves some mystery we don't really know for sure who created Bitcoin, but there is some really good information about it available.  It is important to understand Bitcoin in order to understand Iota.  Bitcoin was the first coin and all other coins are tied to it in multiple ways.

Here is a link to To the left is the video describing Bitcoin from that website as well as few other Bitcoin videos to broaden your understanding of this original token and how Iota is different:

Video 1 - What Is Bitcoin

Video 2 - Bitcoin Explained

Video 3 - Iota Will Replace Bitcoin

Video 4 - Iota - Challenging The Status Quo

Language / Crypto Culture

Hodl to the Moon

Entering the world cryptocurrency culture is exciting and filled with passionate people who push the boundaries of, well lots of borders, worldwide monetary systems, technology, information, personal finance, and the status quo to name a few.  It makes sense that within this culture new language, norms, and classes of people would develop.  Check on the left to learn more about: Language of Crypto, Common Scams, Hype Coins, and Whos Who?

Video 1 - Top 10 Cryptocurrency Terms You Need To Know

Additional Links with Terms described:


The Tangle/ Moving Beyond the Blockchain

Iota Founder Explains

Conversation on the foundation and future of the Tangle.

Video 1 - Beyond Blockchain


Scams / Parting With Your Money, The Hard Way

Scams - Don't Be Fooled

Don't be Dumb.  If it's it too good to be's a scam.  Really.

Don't send money or coins to anyone except to the top exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.

Don't fall for ICO scams, there are hundreds.

Always protect your logins, seeds, private keys, and with Iota be careful with your addresses and only use them once.

Here is a website that outlines great safety tips:

Video 1 - How To Avoid Crypto Scams (longer video, watch it!)

Video 2 - Top 3 Crypto Scams (interesting method, good examples of scams presented)

A few links to read:


The Wallet / Because I Crapped My Pants When My Gi Disappeared

Wallet - It's Working, Here's How To Work It

So the Iota Wallet works but not the way you may expect it to.  I can't count how may nervous posts on various forums and help requests I have seen.  Patience is the key and finding the right Node makes all the difference.  Please check out the videos and these links, because I know some of you are freaking out unnecessarily (like I did.)

(The video information is mostly out of date due to recent and continuing Wallet upgrades)

Video 1 - How To: Wallet 2.5.6

Your Best Resource is here on our page: Wallet How To

The Seed / Login? Password? What Will It Grow?

Seed - Best Practices

A Seed consists of 81 characters including letters and the number nine.

Video 1 - How To: Wallet 2.5.6

Video 2 - (First Advanced Topic Video) - Iota Seed Tutorial 3

See Our Advanced Topics Page for Cool Visual Representations of the Tangle, Iota White Paper, and much more

Iota / A More Detailed Analysis

Iota - Really Getting To Know Iota

(Advanced Topics)

Video 1 - What Is Iota and Terminology Explained

Video 2 - Trit and Tryte

Video 3 - Own weight, cumulative weight and minimum weight magnitude

See Our Advanced Topics Page for Cool Visual Representations of the Tangle, Iota White Paper, and much more