How to buy Cryptocurrency

1. Sign up for coinbase or bitpanda Bitpanda is recommended as it is more stable and has
lower fees. Verification takes just 10 minutes. Use credit card for fastest transactions.

2. Buy ETH (ethereum) on coinbase/bitpanda. Bitcoin fees are way too high that’s why I
recommend buying Ethereum.

3. Register for a new account on

4. Binance has the lowest fees and is one of the most solid exchanges out there.

5. Transfer your Coinbase/Bitpanda cryptocurrency (ETH for example) to your binance
account. To do this on Binance, Go to Funds > Deposits withdrawals > Search
your coin of choice from the list (ETH/BTC) > deposit > copy the address > use that
address to send from your coinbase or bitpanda account to your binance wallet.

6. You can now use your coins to buy any cryptocurrency binance supports. Go to
Exchange > basic > in the top right corner select the currency you bought (ETH,
BTC) > search for a coin you’re looking to buy.

Example how to purchase on binance using IOTA as an example: IOTA > click on
IOTA/(coin of choice) > At the bottom you can now see ‘Buy IOTA’, ‘price’, ‘amount’,
‘percentages’, ‘Total’ and ‘Buy IOTA’. If you want to use all your cryptocurrency to buy IOTA
select 100%, if you only want to buy 25% select 25%, this way you won’t have to calculate
anything. > Click on ‘Buy IOTA’ and you will now see under Funds > Deposits withdrawals >
Search ‘IOTA’.

*IOTA was used as an example in this post, please do your research before investing into

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