#100K2025 Car to Crypto to Income Challenge

On December 22nd, 2022 I sold my car for $20,000.  I am investing this money into digital assets (crypto) in order to generate at least $100,000 in passive annual income prior to the end of 2025.  I will be making these investments exclusively within the Iota - Shimmer - Assembly Ecosystem.  You may track the details of these investments here on this page.  Please do follow me and join in on the conversation on Twitter @DigidusPrime.

(Numbers Updated Every Friday)

Current Portfolio Value
Annual Passive Income
Yield Earned

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*table above will show less columns on mobile devices for ease in viewing


Key for the Table Above

*Unit Value is used to calculate most of the other fields and is the price per unit for the asset.  For Example if $MIOTA trading price per $MIOTA is $5.55 then that is the Unit Value.

*Yield APY is the Annual Percentage Yield, or what percent of my Base Investment will I earn over the course of 365 days.  Example if I invest 1000 $SMR and expect a 10% APY, then after one year my total balance should be about 1100 $SMR

*Base Cost is what was originally spent to buy this asset.  Example, if I bought 100 $SOON tokens at $2.50, then my Base Cost for that asset is $250.00.

*Base Value is the current value of the Asset based on the number of Units purchased originally and the unit price today.  Example: I bought 100 $MIOTA at $3.30 and the current value of $MIOTA is $0.25, then my Base Value is 100 x $0.25 = $25.00

*Yield Earned is the current value of the income produced by that Asset to date.  Example: I invested 100 $MIOTA and 400 $SMR as a Liquidity Provider at iotabee.com and after 12 months of 10% APY I have earned 80 $SMR and the current value of $SMR is $0.25, then my total Yield Earned thus far is 80 x $0.25 = $20.00

*Yield API - Yield Annual Projected Income is the estimated value of this asset's yield over the next 12 months. Example: I loaned 4000 $SMR on LendeXe and expect 20% APY then over the next year I expect to earne 800 $SMR and the current value of $SMR is $2.25, then my total Annual Projected Yield Income for that asset is 800 x $2.25 = $1800.00

*Total Value is the current value of current Base Value plus the Yield Earned.  This may or may not be liquid and spendable due to lockup periods.

*December 2025 Value is a wild guess.  I am taking the Base Value and increasing it by 30% in 2023, 20% in 2024, and 10% in 2025 to adjust for some expected appreciation. I am then using those values to project the total yield for the months remaining and adding those together.  Example: In January of 2023, 1000 $SOON at $1.00 Unit Value would be a $1000.00 Base Value.  Since it is still 2023 I will add 30% ($1.30) and 20% on top of that for 2024 ($1.56) and 10% for 2025 ($1.71) expected appreciation for a end of 2025 estimated value of $1.71.  I will then take my best guess at Yield Annual Projected Income for the time between today and December 2025. Add it all up and I am sure I will not even be close to what the actual numbers are in December 2025 but what the heck, we are having a little FUN here.

Rules I Agree to Follow for this Challenge

- Assets off Exchanges ASAP - self custody always
- Hardware Wallet All Assets
- DCA Buy Low and DCA Sell High
- Buy for Yield, and Sell for Lack of Yield
- Limit Order and Be Patient
- FOMO is not my friend
- Avoid Projects with Poor Information or Bad Data
- Avoid Projects with Negative Communities
- Beware To-Good-To-Be-True