Breaking Down some Numbers on the TangleSwapDex NFT  (4/17/2022)

Tangle Swap Dex Token Airdrop Analysis


April 17th, 2022

Author @DigidusPrime

        In order to better understand my ROI (return on investment) potential in spending 500 Iota ($Miota) on one of the remaining Palm Springs NFT's  I did my own analysis of the token distribution numbers and then compared that with today's Top Dex's market caps to see if I could come up with a projected future value of the $VOID token in the event TangleSwap becomes a successful project.  Keep in mind if the project does not make it, my ROI is ZERO.  Also keep in mind as you spend Iota on NFT's and their related projects not only is future Fiat value a consideration but also what will your $Miota be worth.  If $Miota is worth $1 today and $10 in 3 years, what did that NFT really cost?

I used Uniswap as my high end, PancakeSwap as my middle ground, and SushiSwap as my low-end benchmarks for market cap.  As they are some of the Dex's in the world I then took a conservative approach to value TangleSwap, giving an 80% discount to all those market caps in my analysis.

In summary, my opinion is that as TangleSwap matures, based on a 100,000,000 tokens in circulation at some point that the potential market value of those tokens may range between $0.85 and $66.00 depending on a number of widely varying factors.   On this data, and with my goal of supporting the Iota Ecosystem, and diversifying my Hodlings,  I have decided to pick up a couple more Palm Springs NFTs.

An important side note.  Due to some issues with the NFT release random distribution process, for the most part only Palm Springs NFT's remain available for minting so the likelihood you mint an NFT that will yield a 5X token Airdrop bonus is extremely high. (I minted 3 more and all 3 were Palm.)