Hidden Gem Alert

We found a good one today! Rare, Ultra Rare, and inexpensive Alpha release collections by Iota-NFT @UglyBots.  These collections include a single NFT release, 3 NFT, 24 NFT, and 109 NFT collections.   These are all tucked away in a hard-to-find NFT testing account by the Artist and do not appear on the Artist's Official Soonaverse Collections Account!

Secret Alpha Account - https://soonaverse.com/space/0xa596edbd5148ba24a186d288273f71932a6bf845/collections

The official release of Iota-NFT @UglyBots NFTs is happening on the Artist's public Soonaverse Account and sports some cool (and one ugly) robots.  These too are in short supply, SELLING FAST, and well priced:

UglyBots Offical Account - https://soonaverse.com/space/0x11056718d513383f3dd9d0668824b61a1a8fbeac/collections

We especially like this ultra-rare group of alpha collections because the art appears original, the artist's twitter account is seasoned (2016 & huge Iota fan,) and the volume of art we expect from @UglyBots is significant, making these secret collections all the more rare and unique.

You may follow IOTA-NFT on Twitter @UglyBots to stay up to date on future collections and be sure and check in with TangleReport as week seek more Hidden Gems for you!