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IOTAplus AG SPHERE ICO Special Pricing & Rumors (~$0.0000625)

IOTA+ AG's first project is SPHERE.  Sphere just went DAO and there are a number of partnership and token price increase votes about to happen. Here is your EXCLUSIVE access to ICO pricing on the $Spherical Token.  The ICO pricing ends any day.

What is Sphere?

Decentralized online game platform and metaverse for everyone

Sphere is setting itself up to be a Gaming Hub both for gamers and for game developers.  Think the Soonaverse of Gaming on the feeless Iota Network.

Special Insider Information from the Devs (6/13/2022):

"We are planning to launch on soonaverse soon. Tanglepay will list us on their Dapp and accept Sphericals and more. Iotabee DEX partnered with Sphere as well and will list Spherical pairs as well."

They also shared they will be working with another Shimmer-driven NFT marketplace that will leverage all that Stardust has to offer....I have been asked to not share the specifics but feel free to let your imagination run a bit.

Click the image to the left to visit the Exclusive ICO Tokenomics.

These are the steps to take in order to buy at ICO pricing of 4,000,000 tokens per Gi with a minimum of 2Gi Invested:

  1. Direct Message @TangleReport & @Sphere_Hub_io on Twitter and tell them you are a Member and give them this code "125G"

This offer is good until the ICO allocation is SOLD OUT or ends if the DAO votes to increase (quadruple) the price.

Other links:

Sphere NFTs -

Twitter: @Sphere_Hub_io

(Members of the TangleReport DAO have invested in the $SPHERE Token ICO, we believe in this project but as always you need to DYOR)

IOTA NFT - TEST COLLECTION FOUND - $1Mi for ultra-rare collection

One of the first and most fun NFT artists to kick things off on the Soonaverse is Alfons Trekner aka IOTA-NFT.  This artist has produced over 40 collections including abstract colorfully designed caricatures.

Click the image to the right to gain exclusive access to her/his LAST remaining test collection.  These collections are the precursor to the 40+ collections that follow and these test collections are mostly priced at only 1-3 Mi.  A great way to beef up your NFT collection with limited edition exclusive art for only pennies.  (based on my communication with the artist the price was so low because they were figuring out how to list NFT collections and once listed they could not change the price.)

---Of the 4 test collections, there are only NFTs left for sale in 1 of the 4----

This offer is good until the NFT test collections are SOLD OUT.

(and oh hell ya, I bought some, but as always you need to DYOR)