Quit My Day Job?

It’s been two weeks since my last update. I have been working my @ss off, and I have been geeking out on researching the Federal Reserve, inflation, Fiat vs Currency, and other fascinating topics. My big takeaway is threefold: 1. Don’t panic sell, be calm, and wait for the cycle to move forward, 2. Don’t quit my day job, in fact, get my cash hustles going to stock up on cash and be ready to buy discounted assets (income streams), 3. Diversification is KING, and it’s time to work towards 10 diverse streams of income. What streams of income can I generate with my Car Money? Staking & Liquidity Providing are options and with regard to my 10 diversified streams, I would consider those only one stream and they are too similar to be considered diversified. My day job selling real estate is another. Coaching Realtors, a 3rd. I own a cool real estate data technology that 30 Realtors use, I could sell this….up to 4 now.

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