Shimmer EVM is ALIVE (on testnet)….

So this week after testing staking with 40,000 $SM on BitForex, I dropped the rest of the Shimmer bag into their staking feature while we wait for the Shimmer EVM testnet to work out it’s bugs and fully launch. At that point, I expect many more yield-earning opportunities. For that reason, I chose a number of staking unlock timeframes ranging from 30 days to 180 with an average yield of around 5%. This will hedge good yields against mixed unlocks so some of the $SMR will be available for better yields earlier and other $SMR will earn the highest rate possible but be locked up longer.

I also created a separate NFT tracking spreadsheet and made the totals of that sheet one simple line on our yield tracking sheet. I will work to publish the NFT sheet on this page soon.


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